I turned to my local online mom's group for advice, and someone suggested Easel.  I immediately visited their website and entered my email address.  By that time it was well after business hours and I did not expect a response until the next day.  To my surprise, I received an email from an Easel representative before I went to bed that evening asking me a few questions to better understand my needs.  When I responded the following morning, the representative scheduled a phone call with me for the same day.  


To my surprise, the person who called was actually one of Easel's founders.  She was extremely kind and seemed genuinely interested in helping me find a childcare placement that I was comfortable with, conveniently located, and priced within my budget.  She asked great questions and presented me with a couple options of daycare centers that could immediately accommodate my son on a temporary basis while I considered what I would like to do for childcare in the long term.  


I was so nervous about my son starting over in a new facility, but Easel's thorough, warm, and caring communication throughout the transition process helped to reassure me.  Easel sent me all of the paperwork I needed to fill out for the center ahead of time, checked in with me the day before my son started, after drop off, and then afterward to see how things went.  What I especially liked was that they communicated with me via text message, which is truly the easiest and most convenient way for me to communicate these days. 


We were so happy with the temporary placement that Easel found for us, we decided that we would like to stay with the center permanently.  Before our temporary placement was set to expire, Easel checked in with us to see if we had decided what we would like to do for childcare moving forward and ask whether we would like their assistance.  When we expressed interest in a permanent placement at the daycare center where they had placed my son, Easel took care of those arrangements for us.


I highly recommend Easel to anyone who is looking for last minute childcare or anyone who is just overwhelmed with the entire process of finding a daycare.  Though it may sound a little corny, it honestly felt more like I had a friend or family member helping me than a business due to their compassion and genuine interest in finding us childcare that was the right fit.  

- Jaclyn Latessa, Mother of a 15 month old and a Research Attorney in Boston