How Easel Works

Once I hit “Get in Touch Now” what happens?

One of our representatives will reach out to you in order to assist you with your needs. We have relationships with various reputable childcare centers that provide high-quality education and care and we can work with you to accommodate your needs for care- even at the last minute.

Why Easel? Why not just use one of those on call nanny/babysitter services?

That’s certainly an option but there are a lot of downsides that don’t make it the right fit for many parents. For starters, the babysitter often can’t arrive for a number of hours which make last minute bookings problematic. On top of that many parents can’t get comfortable with having a person they’ve never met alone in their home with their child. Childcare centers on the other hand typically have to go through more scrutiny in order to be licensed by their state licensing agency including criminal background checks for all employees. Moreover, childcare centers on Easel will have several adults watching children at all times so you’re not just relying on one person you’ve never met. Finally, socialization and play are critical parts of a child’s development and childcare centers can facilitate that much easier than individual babysitters can.

How do you select your centers?

We aim to help parents get quality center-based child care with the convenience we expect in this digitally connected world. With that in mind we are stringent about what child care centers are present on our platform. We only work with centers that are 1) Licensed and in good standing; 2) trusted by hundreds of parents; and 3) have a great reputation.

How much do you charge?

It depends on which center and for how long you need care. The prices are set by the child care centers themselves and each center has a different pricing schedule. Some have only full day drop-in fees and some have half day options. We will let you know the rate up front before you book so there are no surprises.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice electronically to your email. You can then pay by credit card or Paypal.

Center-based Childcare BASICS

My child has never been to a childcare center, is there anything I can do to prepare them?

Yes! The centers have encountered situation many times before and will do their best to help your child feel comfortable. However, there is a few things you could do to make it more seamless. It might be helpful to show your child some photos of the center and explain what's going to happen on the day of the drop-off. Some centers recommend bringing your child's favorite toy/blanket to comfort them. Sometimes children have certain questions that get them to open up like asking them about their last birthday party. If you know of any questions like that mention that to the teacher during drop-off so they can engage with your child. The first drop-off is always the hardest and your child may cry a bit but rest assured that the child care center staff have been here before literally hundreds of times before and they will do their best to make the transition as easy as possible.

Does my child need to be immunized?

Yes, a child's immunization record is required at the time of enrollment.

What about Medications?

Please let us know during the booking process if your child has special medication needs. If a center is comfortable administering the medication it’s important to note that you must bring the medication in its complete packaging with the prescription label on it.

Does the childcare provide meals/snacks?

It varies by center. We will make you aware of the center’s policy at the time of booking.

Do I need to tell the center about any allergies my child has?

Absolutely YES! For example, if you child has a nut allergy tell us at the time of booking and also remind the teachers when you show up at the center.

Can I extend the hours of my reservation after drop-off?

Please text/call at 617-651-0240 to let us know you need to do so. If you selected less than a full day we will likely just extend your purchase to a full day rate and invoice you for the difference. However, please be sure to show up before closing hours of the center. If you show up late a $1/min late fee will apply.


Don't Need Care Now, Just Exploring?

“Highly Recommend! We used Easel and our girls absolutely have loved each of the centers that Easel has provided for us! It‘s super simple, very personalized and always a positive experience for our family. Our girls are three and five years old. We love receiving the updates and pictures throughout the day which offer total peace of mind to us as parents. When we pick up our excited girls who are always excited to tell us all about the activities, it’s a wonderful thing!”

- Will Sanchez , Father of two girls, Technology Entrepreneur & Lecturer at MIT

- Shirley Cardona , Mother of two girls and VP of Sales at EF